School Association


Who are we?

We are a group of parents from the school who organise fundraising events throughout the academic year, to help raise money for the school.

What fundraising events do we hold?

  • Christmas and Summer Fair
  • School Disco
  • Quiz And Picnic (adults only)
  • Bingo (Upper school only)
  • Cake Sales for each year group

How often do we meet?

We hold a meeting once a term, with the AGM being held in September.  We have additional meetings (often held at the pub) to organise fundraising events.

How much do we raise?

Each year we raise a significant sum of money (approx £8,000)

What has the money raised been spent on?

  • 16 iPads and syncing station (£8,000)
  • Improvements to the school library (£5,000)
  • Furnishing the Outdoor Classroom (£5,000)

Committee Members (17/18):

  • Chairperson - Laura Hood
  • Vice Chair - Holly Elverson
  • Treasurer - Louise Collins
  • Secretary - Tracy Greengrass
  • Committee Member - Sally Higgins
  • Committee Member - Sharon Hurrell
  • Committee Member - Debbie Coles
  • Committee Member - Shopie Houghton-Hood
  • Committee Member - Karina Thornton
  • Co-Opted Member - Jess Adby
  • Co-Opted Member - Debora Heasby

How to contact us:


School Tel No: 01508 493132

If you are interested in becoming a committee Member in the future please email us or let one of the committee members know.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at the fundraising events.  If you can spare an hour of your time, your help will be greatly appreciated.