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Have you noticed, over the past four years, delicious cookery smells wafting through the corridor in the UpperSchool?  Have you wondered who’s been cooking?

The answer is a cookery session held Thursday afternoons in school time by Mrs Moncrieff and Mrs Toomey who have offered their time, as volunteers, to teach pupils at school how to prepare and make a wide variety of delicious treats in conjunction with the “Let’s Get Cooking” project.

To date, a few things they have cooked include sausage rolls, veggie chilli, pasties, cottage pie, vegetable noodles, pizza, fruit crumble, tray-bakes and fruity flapjacks.

Two very successful “community events” took place. Towards the end of the summer term of 2013 year 6 hosted a World War 2 tea party with guests invited from the local community. In November 2015 our current year 6 children made delicious apple crumbles one afternoon with star chef Mr Claxton taking part complete with a poorly-fitted apron!

These fun sessions aim to offer small groups of children the opportunity to practice cookery life skills in a relaxed atmosphere. The children are usually very pleased with their ‘makes’ and can’t wait to take them home to try them!

Autumn Term 2015

This autumn term Mrs Moncrieff and Mrs Toomey helped year 6 whizz up tasty pizzas. Following the recipes carefully the children made the pizza bases using the “rubbing-in” method. Then a variety of fresh toppings were chosen to finish the pizzas off.

On 19 November 2015 the whole class, Mr Claxton, Mrs Moncrieff, Mrs Toomey and Mrs Smalls made delicious apple crumbles together. The crumble topping was created using the same “rubbing-in” method as the pizza bases, which everyone was familiar with. 

Recipes – both available from the Let’s Get Cooking at home website!

Easy peasy pizzas

Apple and blackberry crumble


Spring Term 2016

During January and February Class 3 escaped the wintry wilderness in the Food Tech room with the Let’s Get Cooking volunteers. The children sprinkled a variety of fresh vegetables, the colour of jewels, into their appealing rainbow couscous and pasta salads.

Rather alarmingly the class learnt that liquidized beetroot was the surprise ingredient in their chocolate cupcakes! However all was not lost as we discovered the beetroot added a beautiful colour to the sponge mixture and helped keep the cupcakes moist. Even the cupcakes had a healthy twist!

All recipes used can be found on the ‘Let’s Get Cooking At Home’ website.

  • Rainbow couscous and pasta salad
  • Chocolate surprise cupcakes

(If you want to try Let’s Get Cooking at Home follow the link and join up – its free and you can gain access to lots of recipes)



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