Our Governors


Who are the school governors and what do we do?

The school’s governors are a group of 14 volunteers including parents, staff and members of the local community. We meet once or twice a term and work closely with the Headteacher to support the school.

The Governing board ensures clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, and robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance of our School.

Within the governing body we have three committees which meet each term and concentrate their discussions around a particular area of responsibility. These committees are Curriculum, Personnel and Finance & Premises/Health & Safety.

Stoke Holy Cross Primary School Constitution

If Spaces are shown in the table below, this indicates places within the constitution which can optionally be filled. Where Vacancies are shown this indicates places within the constitution which should be filled.


Stoke Holy Cross Primary School Governing Board for September 2018 - July 2019

Term Start Term End
Parent governors
Roger Higgins 20 Oct 2018 20 Oct 2022
Nick Mayhew 10 Feb 2015 09 Feb 2019
Co-opted governors
Paula Allard 05 May 2017 05 May 2021
Peter Barber 18 Sep 2018 9 Sep 2022
Chris Boss 18 Sep 2018 9 Sep 2022
Stuart Claxton
3 Jul 2018
3 Jul 2022
Cassandra Davies
1 Oct 2018
1 Oct 2022
Claire Henry 23 May 2016 22 May 2020
Steve Hurrell 18 Sep 2018 9 Sep 2022
Jeannette Chaney 11 Mar 2017 11 Mar 2021
Local Authority Governors
Lyn Marsh 10 Jan 2017 10 Jan 2021
Staff Governors
Julia Moncrieff 23 Feb 2017 22 Feb 2021