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Recently Added

Woodland Trust – Nature Detectives

Play nature games, puzzles, quizzes and playing cards Great at home or in the classroom.

PBS Maths Games

Great games to play. You can try out their Reading, Number and Science games as well.

Cool Math 4 Kids

Lots of maths games and activities to help you.

Send My Friend To School Website

Here is the website with more information on Class 5’s assembly

BBC Bitesize KS1

Northumberland VTLE

Please ask your teacher if you have forgotten the username and password.

Oxford Owl

Great ideas for helping with reading and maths

Games from Around the World

Here are some of the games you might like to try:    

Count On

A website set up in 2000 but still with useful activities.

nrich maths – Primary Children’s Pages

Great opportunities for ‘thinking out of the box’ so lots of activities to work through with your child.