Celebrate With Us

FEHS Cluster Swimming Gala Success

Swimming success! On 25th January 2016 the Framingham Earl Cluster took part in a swimming gala at the UEA. These were the five different events: Breaststroke             Backstroke                Freestyle Butterfly                  Freestyle Relay One girl and one boy from each year took part in each event. These were the people who took part: Girls Boys Eliza  (Year […]

SNSSP Tag Rugby Champions

  SNSSP Year 5 and Year 6 Tag Rugby Competition 20th January 2016 Twelve schools battled out for first place at Wymondham College for the South Norfolk Year 5 and Year 6 Tag Rugby Competition.  The winning team would go forward to represent South Norfolk in the Norfolk Tag Rugby Competition. Our school was representing the […]

Cluster Sports Hall Athletics Champions

FEHS Cluster Sports Hall Athletics 2016 Stoke’s Success! The FEHS Cluster School’s Year 5 and Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics Competition took place at FEHS on Thursday 14th January 2016. We took a mixed team of 8 boys and 16 girls.  Five schools were taking part: Stoke Holy Cross, Poringland, Three Rivers, Brooke and Trowse.  Stoke, […]

SNSSP Cross Country Success 2015

17 November 2015 Twenty-seven runners from Stoke Holy Cross Primary School stood shivering in the cold.  We had run and won our way through the FEHS Cluster Competition and were now representing the Framingham Earl Cluster in the South Norfolk Competition. As we strode down the slippery path excitement and nerves fizzed in the air. The […]

FEHS Cluster Rugby Tournament 2015

Tuesday 3 November 2015 at FEHS The Primary School Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Tournament took place at FEHS on Tuesday 3rd November 2015.  We took a mixed team of nine, four girls and five boys.  There would be eight in each playing team and each must have a minimum of two girls.  Mr Phillips, […]

FEHS Cluster Cross Country

FEHS Primary Cluster Cross Country Competition Monday 19 October 2015 It was my first experience of the Primary Cluster Cross Country Championships which began at FEHS. The children’s enthusiasm and determination were evident; as was the excellent organisation and support of Mr Phillips and Mr Mather. We took thirty-eight children, twenty of whom were boys, and […]

Norfolk County Girls Cricket Champions

29th June 2015 The team:- Amelia (Captain, Year 6),  Faith (Year 6),  Eden (Year 6),  Izie (Year 6),  Elysia (Year 6), Freya (Year 6),  Monica (Year 5),  Rosie (Year 5),  Isabel (Year 5),  Olivia (Year 5). The tension started to grow as we were putting on our blue South Norfolk tops! The Cricket coach told […]

Children’s University Graduation

University of East Anglia 17th June 2015 On Wednesday 17th June 28 pupils received their Children’s University Awards at a Graduation Ceremony held at the UEA. The children had completed and participated in a wide range of activities from crafts and visiting museums to Cubs, dancing and numerous sports. When we arrived at the UEA […]

Norwich Inter School Maths Quiz

Norwich Lower School Tuesday 23 June 2015 This was the first time that Stoke Holy Cross had been represented at this competition and the format was a bit of an unknown.  We knew there was to be a talk from Johnny Ball then two Rounds of the Quiz followed by a final Round. Four Year […]

Norfolk County High 5 Netball Champions

On Tuesday 23 June 2015, we took our Netball Squad to represent South Norfolk in the Norfolk County High 5 Netball Tournament at the UEA. It is said that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Norfolk County High 5 Champions. Stoke Holy Cross Primary School As soon as we arrived the atmosphere amongst the teams […]