Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee 

It is widely recognised through a range of research that children have the best chance of reaching their full potential at school when they are actively supported by a quality staff team and at home. A staff team at school needs visionary and active leadership. It also needs talented, dedicated teachers, and a competent business staff. 

At Stoke Holy Cross Primary school the Personnel committee is part of the school’s human resources system for supporting the recruitment, training, motivation, evaluation and retention of the staff team. We aim to support the building and maintenance of a human resource management system that meets the requirements of the law and required procedures. At the same time, at the heart of our system is a commitment to the ‘just’ treatment of staff. We believe good human resource practices should help to create a work environment that supports the mission of the school, the aims for and safety of the children and encourages employees to develop and thrive. 

Specifically the personnel committee functions include being involved in:

Staff Appointments which includes following agreed procedures for involvement in the recruitment and selection, conditions of service, promotions and teaching allowances;

Staff Management which includes staff attendance, career break and job sharing schemes, leave of absence/special leave, staff conduct and discipline, staff suspensions and dismissals; staff redundancy and retirement Schemes;

Staff Performance which includes induction training, review, development and unsatisfactory performance;

Staff Welfare – well being and support;

Safeguarding – taking a lead role on policies and practice;

Governor’s welfare and involvement – induction, ongoing support and training.

The personnel committee meet once a term to review and report back on the above matters. They also provide a summarised report to the full governing body at the end of each term. The committee has developed a personnel plan to guide and support the work underway at any one time.

The personnel committee aim to ensure that by completing a thorough and regular review of the human resource elements of the school systems that the school remains, as far as possible, a safe and enjoyable environment for all those who use it.