Curriculum Committee

A successful school requires a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of every child, enabling them all to make good progress. The role of the Curriculum Committee is to monitor the curriculum provision, attainment and achievement of all pupils and provision made for particular groups (SEN/Gifted and Talented/ vulnerable groups / gender etc ). It also monitors attendance to ensure that poor attendance is not a barrier to learning.

 Assessment : Attainment and Achievement

It is the role of the Curriculum Committee to interrogate the school assessment data in order to maintain high standards and high expectations of all pupil achievements. Reports are given on pupil progress within school and areas of strength and weakness are discussed, including more formal target setting for Key Stage 1 and 2. Areas which are in need of further improvement become part of the annual School Development Plan, with the Curriculum Committee monitoring the progress of the actions throughout the year. All governors are appraised of the assessment procedures within school and discuss the impact of these on the achievements of the pupils. The progress of all children, of differing abilities is monitored here with a termly SEN and Gifted and Talented reports to the committee.


 The governors on this committee discuss and review curriculum policies and any changes to the provision, frequently meeting with staff and pupils to gain an insight into a particular subject area. They often attend trips including the school residential which provides a valuable insight into the life of the school and are responsible for overseeing arrangements for all educational visits. Governors are also invited into staff training days and they also ensure that the school complies with all relevant legislation relating to equality and diversity, eg disability, gender etc. Members of staff also report to the governors on their subject leadership role. The quality of teaching and learning is also monitored as this has a bearing on how the curriculum is delivered and how much progress is being made.


The Curriculum committee monitors the attendance of all pupils, checking on trends and helping to set attendance targets on an annual basis.